TV Antenna Grounding

If you’ve just finished installing your mast-mounted outdoor antenna, there is likely one more important step you need to take; grounding it. Since the antenna and mast are metal and now at the highest point on your home, they will be potential targets for lightning especially in areas that have frequent thunder storms. Over time your outdoor antenna can collect static electricity which can increase the chances of a lightning strike and damage to connected electronics.

TV antenna grounding is both common sense and required by law according to the NEC (National Electric Code). Check your local area for additional code and safety requirements regarding outdoor mast-mounted TV antennas.

You’ll need to both ground the coaxial cable and the mast requiring additional hardware that we’ll detail below.

Grounding Coaxial Cable
To ground your coaxial cable you’ll need to purchase the following hardware:

  • Coaxial Grounding Block (single or dual)
  • Rubber Coaxial Boots
  • Grounding Wire

Grounding an Outdooor TV Antenna Mast
To ground your outdoor TV antenna mast you’ll need the following hardware:

  • Copper Grounding Rod
  • Grounding Wire (#8)
  • Grounding Strap for your Mast
  • Grounding Lug (for the Grounding Rod)

If your mast is painted, you’ll need to sand away the paint so that your grounding strap makes good contact with the mast. Attach a single piece of #8 copper or aluminum wire to the mast strap. Run the wire to the copper grounding rod without making any hard bends. Use the grounding lug to firmly connect the #8 wire to the grounding rod which has been driven at least 3 feet into the ground.

Avoid grounding your mast to outside plumbing (water or gas lines).