Mounting a TV Antenna in the Attic

Our preference is to mount an Outdoor HDTV Antenna outside on a mast, providing much more flexibility in rotation to find the strongest signals, less interference and stronger reliable reception.

Mounting a TV antenna in the attic can be effective when very strong signals are available. You may have to consider a preamplifier or amplifier to make an attic antenna installation successful.
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Attic TV Antenna Installation Advantages:

  • Potentially easier installation.
  • Antenna is not visible outside of the home.
  • Antenna and coaxial cable is not exposed to weather.

The disadvantages:

  • Your roof, depending on thickness and type of shingles will block a significant amount (up to 50%) of the incoming signal strength.
  • Your attic is likely in close proximity to other materials like wiring, rain gutters, foil or metal HVAC ducts, metal roofing, pipes, aluminum siding and more that can all contribute to signal interference.

If your attic installation doesn’t provide adequate results, you can always try again outside with a mast!