Installing a TV Antenna

Installing an outdoor antenna requires planning and some physical work. You’ll need basic hand tools and a cordless drill/driver in most installations. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, hire a licensed contractor. You’ll still save money in the long run compared to paying for cable or satellite TV.

Survey your home for the best place to mount an Outdoor TV Antenna
Large trees, nearby buildings, and mountains can all interfere with OTA signals. We live near a military base where the occasional helicopter fly-over can chop-up our digital TV signal for a few seconds.

Safety First
Get help from a friend and be safe when working on your roof or ladder.

  • Do not work on a wet or icy roof
  • Do not attempt your installation on a windy day
  • Locate and avoid power lines or other overhead wires

Be sure to:

  • Plan a new run of coaxial cable from the antenna to the TV or tuning device (75-ohm RG-6). Avoid unnecessary additional cable length, splitting or barrel connector splicing as these will all contribute to signal loss.
  • Assemble your antenna mast. You can purchase a variety of mounts to fit your homes architecture, or build your own from materials at your local hardware store. Getting your antenna 10′ or higher above the roofline will improve your “line-of-sight” to the broadcast tower and will increase your chances of better reception remarkably.
  • Ground your antenna mast to a copper grounding rod.
  • Ground your coaxial cable using a grounding block.
  • Connect your antenna to your TV or digital tuner and scan for signal strength and channels.
  • Fine tune your antennas direction.
  • Enjoy FREE TV content!

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