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Freeview Aerial TV - UKOn an April 2013 trip to the UK, I noticed something I had never tuned into before on many previous trips abroad (pun intended). There are terrestrial TV antennas everywhere in the UK! These TV antennas called Aerials, can be seen on hotels, businesses and homes in neighborhoods that run the gamut from posh to poor and get great free TV via Freeview.

In the interest of adding some global perspective to the site, I spoke to residents in Central London, and both Glasgow and Edinburgh, in Scotland about how they receive their TV signals and have included references to some reputable sites that provide deeper information.

What I found it that there is absolutely no stigma over having an Aerial (Antenna) on your rooftop in the UK. Having a roof-mounted Aerial is purely functional equipment that allows for quality free TV.

A quick web search for “aerial installer UK” while in London provided no shortage of competition for companies willing to scale your rooftop.

Truth be told there are people using satellite and cable packages that include high-speed internet and TV programming in the UK, but the number of Aerials on rooftops clearly appear to outnumber satellite dishes almost everywhere I looked.

Launched in October of 2002 on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to watch great TV for free. Freeview is run by its five shareholders – BBC, BSkyB, Channel 4, ITV and Arqiva and provides free-to-air digital TV channels, radio stations and interactive services through an aerial (TV antenna).

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