Can I use a DVR?

Using a DVR with your antenna
I have my antenna connected directly to the Antenna input on my TiVo HD (DVR), and then out to my TV’s Antenna input. Over the years I’ve had several TiVo DVRs and have always been impressed by the simple user interface and ease of use.

Only TiVo’s base model TiVo Roamioâ„¢ (above right) is HD Antenna compatible.

TiVo DVRs require either a monthly or lifetime subscription to the service.

My TiVo HD DVR provides:

  • Flexibility of 2 tuners to record or watch 2 channels simultaneously.
  • Great antenna signal scanning interface.
  • Access to streaming video content from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video and more.

Channel Master TV
Known primarily for their TV Antennas, Channel Master has introduced the CM-7400, a subscription-free DVR that also has limited streaming capabilities primarily through VUDU (Walmart’s Streaming Service). The CM-7400 boasts two tuners and storage capacity of roughly 35 hours of HD content or 150 hours of SD content on the 320GB internal hard disk drive. Integrated apps for weather, stocks and popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter are now on your TV. We’ll have to get our hands on one and give it a good test drive.

What about OTA TV to my computer?
A company called Elgato, builds various tuners for Mac and PC. They also specialize in software and hardware solutions for Mac computer based DVR functionality. All Elgato TV Tuner products come with the “eyetv3” (for Mac) software which allows you to pause live TV, search an integrated program guide and more.